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  Aug 25 2018

Why wait for the next disaster to do something? Help our neighbors at risk get ready right now.

Americares immediate response to hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria included emergency airlifts of medicine and supplies to restock damaged health facilities, mobile medical teams for remote communities, transportation for stranded patients with life-threatening illness and more. Americares teams in the U.S. and Caribbean are now expanding the capacity of local health providers to address stress and trauma and strengthening local health centers’ disaster preparedness, to save lives and speed recovery after future storms. You can help. 

Play video – We Hate Hurricanes  

Get Ready for the Next Disaster   

The next emergency doesn’t have a name or date, but we get ready for whatever it brings. September is National Preparedness Month, time to focus on keeping our families and our communities safe.  

Download your personal checklist “5 Steps to Ready” and make your plan now.

And Help our neighbors in vulnerable communities get ready for the next disaster.   

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